Get the support you need.Norconex now offers predefined support packages. Norconex has always offered enterprise search support to its customers. Over time, a few support patterns have naturally emerged and we have grouped common support requirements in an easy-to-read format, at predefined prices. We hope this will help our customers better understand the support options available to them. (more…)

Release 3.1 of Norconex Search Analytics brings a few new features and small changes. Below I’ve highlighted the most significant adjustments. (more…)

This coming October, London will host the first ever Enterprise Search Europe conference. This conference is a brother event of the well-established US based Enterprise Search Summit.  Norconex is proud to present a variation of its successful talk regarding the importance of gathering good search analytics data, and how to best act on such data.

Using the great feedback David Gaulin received from his last presentation, he will present an updated talk explaining how following and understanding your users search behaviours can be used to successfully measure and improve your enterprise search investment.

David’s talk “How to Make your Silent Search Users Talk: Actions Speak Louder than Words” is scheduled for Tuesday October the 25th, just before lunch.  The Enterprise Search Europe program is now available.

If you’re interested in the enterprise search space, and you’re in Europe, or traveling to Europe, make sure you don’t miss this event. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Once again the New York Enterprise Search Summit brought together a lot of interesting people from the industry. Several presentations were given in front of full rooms, which may suggest renewed interest in the search industry. This being said, that interest seems to be spread across the globe. At this search summit we seemed to meet significantly more people from other parts of the world than New York or anywhere else in the US. We had great conversations with people from Germany, Holland, Australia, France, South Africa, and the UK – always great to see new faces! Naturally, Norconex stepped in to represent Canada. Our VP of Services David Gaulin presented a successful talk on the importance of capturing and interpreting good search metrics to improve your search offering. (more…)

This release of our much appreciated Search Analytics product includes the following new features:

  • A new type of action captured: Refinements
  • The ability to view user queries in real time
  • 4 new statistical categories
  • 4 new statistic filtering options
  • Perform wildcard searches on user terms
  • Mark statistics as “Favorite” (dashboard)
  • Perform large XML imports
  • Export statistics as XML, PDF, CSV, XML
  • Many more …

Along with this version release, we are also officially launching our new product support infrastructure, using ZendDesk.

To get a more complete list of features and other product information, check our Search Analytics product page.

You want your search users to find what they’re looking for on their first try, but just can’t seem to make it happen. You’ve followed your search engines official documentation to the letter, you’ve read up on all of the best practices you could find, you’ve tried several different search configurations … yet, you just can’t seem to find the “perfect” relevancy formula for your enterprise search implementation. You’re now at the point where you’re about to give up and tell your team to start looking into a different search engine altogether. Wait! Is your search engine really the problem? (more…)

So you’ve launched your new enterprise search implementation for your customers, after an astronomical amount of effort, painfully tight deadlines, and tearing through a large pile of cash. You’re quite proud of your new search, as you should be. One small question is starting to bother you however – now what? (more…)