CodeNorconex Commons Lang is a generic Java library providing useful utility classes that extend the base Java API.  Its name is shamelessly borrowed from Apache Commons Lang, so people can quickly assume what it’s about just by its name.   It is by no means an effort to replace Apache Commons Lang. Quite the opposite.  We try to favor Apache Commons libraries whenever possible.   Norconex uses this Commons Lang library as a catch-all, providing all kinds of generic utilities, some of which have extra dependencies over the base Java API.  While this library is used by Norconex in its enterprise search projects, it is not tied to search and can be used in any context.

The following explores some of the key features it offers as of this writing. (more…)

Norconex just released version 1.1 of HTTP Collector, its free web crawler.   This is an important upgrade from the Norconex Development Team, giving you the following great new features and enhancements:

  • Much faster and more constant crawling performance, especially with high volume (millions).
  • Support for sitemap.xml and sitemap index (plain or gzip).
  • Support for BASIC and DIGEST authentication.
  • Support for in-page robot instructions.
  • Support for ftp:// URLs.

To see a complete list of changes, see the Release Notes.

This release also takes advantage of the new 1.1 release of Norconex Importer, adding the ability to extract parts of documents using regular expression, and store those as document metadata for indexing (like the content of H1, H2 tags, or bold tags, for influencing the ranking).

We would love to hear your feedback on this release and the features you would like to see implemented next.

Download Norconex HTTP Collector 1.1 now!

Norconex HTTP CollectorSay hello to Norconex HTTP Collector!  At Norconex, we have always recognized the value open-source brings to software development, and to a greater extent, the world.   It benefits us when building custom solutions for our customers and ourselves.   As long-time consumers of open-source, it is time for us to give back.

As a result, Norconex is proud to announce open-sourcing of a handful of its libraries and products, so that the community can save time and money like it did for us.   The Norconex HTTP Collector is an HTTP Crawler meant to give the greatest flexibility possible for developers and integrators. (more…)

Norconex is celebrating its fifth anniversary. We are taking this opportunity to thank you for your contribution in making us a successful company. Many thanks go to Norconex customers, partners and other enterprise search enthusiasts. Your continuing support keep us going strong. (more…)

Enterprise Search Costs Can Quickly GrowI’ll say it: enterprise search is expensive and takes time to do properly.   The bigger the number of different repository types, the more complex your architecture is, the more you have in-house solutions or archaic systems in place, the more it will cost you time and money.  Seems obvious doesn’t it?  Then why do so many enterprise search projects go over budget?   Possibly due to the fact that enterprise search is often treated as an “add-on” to an existing infrastructure, or even as a necessary evil in some cases.   Many will treat search implementations like any other “simple” project.  To them the requirements gathering, vendor evaluation, and procurement process are the most daunting tasks.   Actual implementation and ongoing maintenance is too often neglected. (more…)

Series Introduction

Regardless how many satisfied enterprise search customers we meet, it seems there are always “irritants”.   Many enterprise search customers have shared with us their frustrations towards their current search engine solution.  For some, frustration grows with their needs.  For others, it seems as though no search engine works quite like they want it to.  (more…)

Search Analytics

Norconex has released version 3.1.1 of its Search Analytics product. This release adds the ability to use Microsoft SQL Server as the back-end database to store statistics (in addition to the databases already supported in previous releases).  Upgrading customers will only benefit from this release if they plan to use SQL Server with Analytics.

Access our product page for more information about Norconex Search Analytics. Let us know what you think!

Enterprise Search Discusson GroupNorconex officially launches its Enterprise Search Discussion Group, based on the great Zendesk platform.   Reserved to federal employees, this discussion group is the place to share your enterprise search experiences and learn a lot from others.  Find out who else is responsible for enterprise search in other departments.  Are their challenges similar to yours?  Seek advices while helping others.   As an independent enterprise search company, Norconex will also be sharing its insights in order to add value to appropriate discussions.   There is a lot to talk about:

  • Search Vendor related questions
  • Infrastructure costs evaluation
  • Meta-data publishing strategies
  • Shared experiences
  • Design advices
  • Comparative reviews
  • Much more!

Register for free now!

This discussion group is no longer supported, for questions, please contact Norconex.

GTEC 2011

There is less than a month remaining before GTEC 2011. Every year, GTEC brings thousands of people together, connecting Canadian federal departments with technology providers.  Put Norconex on your must-see list this year. Stop by our booth (#529) at the event to:

  • Have a live look at our Search Analytics product and what it could do for your organization
  • Register to our free enterprise search discussion group reserved to federal employees
  • Get a glimpse of our new service offerings
  • Make appointments with Norconex
  • Share your enterprise search issues, questions, etc.
  • Say hello!

See you soon!

Run for the CureAs there is more to life than enterprise search, Norconex is proud to be participating in the Run for the Cure fundraising event for breast cancer.  This event will take place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on October 2nd.  We encourage you to come run with us, or make a donation.

Pascal Essiembre and David Gaulin will both be present, along with other Norconex colleagues and family members.