Let Norconex help you unleash the power of search through our enterprise search solutions.

Search solutions help you to unlock the value of your data. From steering business decisions to offering quick and effective customer service, you need easy access to the wealth of data trapped in complex data sources, both in-house and HTTP.

Who We Are

Based in Canada’s National Capital Region, Norconex is a globally-oriented provider of enterprise search solutions, helping businesses better organize, access and search their digital content. Our team of search specialists is highly experienced in a diverse array of search implementations, always customized to the client’s needs. As proficient in service as we are in search, we are dedicated to providing positive customer experiences and after-care support.

How We Can Help

Our extensive experience can help you to access this goldmine of business-impacting data and leverage it. Based on your needs and goals, we create custom strategies for each of our clients. Whether you need search design & development or simply search support; commercial web crawling or search analytics, our team of enterprise search consultants can design, develop and implement the ideal solution to help you achieve the end result your business needs.


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