Enterprise Search Specialist Celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

10 Year Anniversary


Letter from the President,


Do you know that Norconex turned 10 this year? That’s right, Norconex was founded in 2007 and I could not be prouder to be president of Norconex as we cross this important milestone.

Our company’s numerous achievements would not have been possible without our amazing employees. They are smart, committed, loyal, and all have client satisfaction at heart. Having such a great team is precious beyond words.

I am also taking this occasion to thank every one of you, customers and partners, for having played a vital role in Norconex success. We can’t thank you enough for choosing our services and products, making us the success that we are.

We plan to keep growing our relationship in the years to come and continue to offer you the best.


We are looking forward to the next 10 years!




Pascal Essiembre



In this new business age that we all currently operate in the overall landscape sees shorter company lifecycles and much more exits, frequently and rapidly. Turning 10 is an enormous accomplishment for any company. Successful organizations know that many factors play a role; hard work, team dynamics, dedication and perseverance.

In fact, some of the key principles to longevity have helped Norconex navigate throughout the years.

Getting our start as a small professional services company 10 years ago the company has since set its footing as the specialist in enterprise search products and services.  We’ve also developed into providing professional support to customers for enterprise search and crawling solutions. As the cloud has become more secure and gained in popularity, Norconex began offering SaaS (Search as a Solution) and implemented our first fully hosted application.

Norconex also launched two search/discovery analytics products:

With thousands of users, Norconex made its mark in the open-source space by launching universal filesystem and web crawlers integrating with any search engine or repositories (such as Solr, Elasticssearch, HP IDOL, Azure Search, AWS Cloudsearch, etc.)

Allowing us to integrate seamlessly are two elite products from our line known as:

As industries changed and evolved over time, we eventually saw an important shift to open source search solutions. With that change Norconex has helped organizations convert from commercial architecture to open-source. Even as Google announced the discontinuation of their popular “Google Search Appliance” service our company has been consulting with GSA customers to help migrate their search needs to other platforms.

With the overall successful operation of our company for the past 10 years and with the implementation of key products and services, our organization has taken the steps necessary to give back to the community in several different forms. Since 2015 we’ve been supporting the movement in women’s soccer in Canada and became a proud sponsor of several young girl soccer teams near our headquarters.

The journey has been a fun ride with many learnings, successes and challenges along the way but we wouldn’t be able to be here without our amazing staff and clients. Thank you, and here’s to the next 10 years!!

Pascal Essiembre has been a successful Enterprise Application Developer for several years before founding Norconex in 2007 and remaining its president to this day. Pascal has been responsible for several successful Norconex enterprise search projects across North America. Pascal is also heading the Product Division of Norconex and leading Norconex Open-Source initiatives.