Content Analytics

Discover Your Content

While our Search Analytics gives you insights on how your content is being found, our Content Analytics software gives you information on the actual content itself, allowing you to evaluate, query, and understand all of your data.

It allows an administrator to manage content more easily, such as by identifying/retrieving important documents, removing duplicates, and reporting on their state within the organization. It’s the ideal tool for facilitating migrations of content (such as from legacy content repositories to new systems), conducting Access to Information & Privacy (ATIP) requests, or any other activity where numerous documents need to be reported on. Plus, it works across all types of systems where content may be stored, from websites to servers to content management systems, and more.

See & Understand

Through the various reports available, such as the File Report and Folder Report, you can gain a full understanding of your content, such as how it’s structured, where and what different repositories it might reside within, what file types there are, and so on. Further reports can reveal even more, like what legacy files are still kicking around and even if you have the right software to open them. From this knowledge, you can know how to better restructure content if that’s your goal, or just to understand it in general.

Save Space

One of the key benefits is being able to identify all the opportunities to conserve disk space – and ultimately, storage costs. Through the Size Report, Content Type Report, and more, you can identify which individual files, which types of files, and which authors are taking up the most space. Then there is the Duplicate Report which will show you all the files which may have redundancies that can be removed, as well as the Date Report which will reveal older files that are no longer or hardly ever used.

Inventory Your Content

As a system administrator or member of management, you may wish to have an inventory of all the content you have discoverable through your enterprise search system. For instance, it might be nice to know that there is no Protected B, Secret, or Top Secret content floating around that might be searchable by an end user, or likewise, any unwanted media types or corrupted files. You’ll also be able to identify with ease any legacy file formats for which you do not have the software to open them with anymore, and even if you’re paying for software licenses that haven’t been used to generate files in the past few years.

Observe Trends

Our Content Analytics will also help you to observe interesting trends in your content, such as whether more or less content is being generated as compared between different periods, or which types of content are most popular, or which authors are publishing the most or least. In fact, our Content Analytics can quickly observe and chart hundreds of different file formats to reveal trends and insights at a glance. You can of course also tailor reports to your needs to better identify and make sense of the information that matters most to you and your organization.

More Features

Manage Data Migrations

Our Content Analytics software is the perfect tool to assist with data migrations, especially when moving from legacy content repositories to new ones. When you’re moving around large amounts of data, you need to make sure it’s all accounted for and stays organized as its transferred and saved to a new location, as well as identify any files that may become corrupted or incompatible in the process.

ATIP Requests

For any government department with an obligation to fulfill ATIP requests, our Content Analytics is a quick and straightforward tool for making the process as efficient as possible. Quickly search through your content inventory (as vast and dispersed as it may be) for the documents required, assess security levels of those documents, and retrieve the ones you need.

Tailored Reporting

Content Analytics includes the following reports; File Report, Duplicate Report, Author Report, Size Report, Content Type Report, Date Report, and Folders Report, which together reveal all sorts of insights like all those mentioned above, and more. You can also filter reports by criteria, such as a text search, and even generate reports for both executive presentation and system administrators.

What’s Next?

Do you have a need to better manage and understand your content for the purpose of search? Whether it’s out of curiosity or a mandate, the insights to be had from our Content Analytics will surely change the way you look at your content. From saving disk space to storage costs, to efficiently retrieving and inventorying content, let us show you more on the power behind this tool.

Discover our tool, discover your content.