GTEC 2014

The scene at GTEC brought another exciting year. GTEC is Canada’s Government Technology Event. As usual, there were many exciting keynotes, presentations, panel discussions and informative vendor exhibitors.

GTEC offers a great opportunity for buyers and clients to get out of the office and personally talk to vendors. It’s also an opportunity for vendors to talk to clients about their products and services and gather leads. GTEC is the one event that gets all the key parties under one roof.

Enterprise Search – Still very much a core issue within the GoC

At the Norconex booth, we had the opportunity to talk to many government employees. When we discussed what we do, the general response appeared to support the fact that search is still absolutely imperative for knowledge workers within the Government of Canada.

Unfortunately, though, reality in public servitude doesn’t offer that same support. Search seems to be low on the list of priorities and doesn’t appear to be getting the attention it deserves. The number of public servants who indicated that they were dissatisfied with the quality of their internal search was surprising.

They understood the importance of their document management systems and why it was necessary to keep stored information organized. However, they emphasized the need to find information without knowing exactly where it is located. They wanted more attention spent on how to get content “out” in order to leverage that information, enabling them to do their jobs more efficiently.

GTEC 2014 IPad draw

And the winner is…

Norconex is pleased to announce that the winner of the iPad mini is Douglas North from Shared Services Canada. We were lucky enough to have an employee from Canada Revenue Agency pull the winning ballot.






Mike has spent his entire career in a sales and business development capacity. Prior to joining the team at Norconex Mike worked in the competitive IT staffing industry. His private and public sector sales and business development experience is a definite asset when positioning Norconex products and specialized professional services to existing and future clients.