Norconex can help you find & unlock the value of your data, improve customer experience and make your digital content more effective.

How Norconex Can Help Improve Your Search

Providing enterprise-level search and crawling solutions for your organization, Norconex can create and manage a tailored search experience, leveraging your data, delivering insights and dramatically improving productivity. Spend less time delving through information and more time performing the strategic tasks that drive results, transforming how work gets done.

Enterprise Search Consulting

Identifying your business goals to come up with the right enterprise search strategy.

Open-Source Crawlers

Full-featured, flexible and extensible. Run on any platform. Crawl what you want, how you want.

Search Support

We provide expert support for all leading platforms, commercial and open source


Recent Posts

15 Years In The Making

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Norconex. It is fair to say it has had a rather significant impact on my life so far. Norconex has brought all kinds of life experiences to me, including pride, a sense of accomplishment, and yes, occasional stressful moments. During my time with the business, I also got […]

Is Norconex HTTP Collector vulnerable to CVE-2021-44228 (Log4J)?

This vulnerability impacts Log4J version 2.x, version 1.2 is not affected (source).  Norconex HTTP Collector version 2.x use Log4J v1.2.17 and thus are not affected. Version 3 of the Collector uses Log4J v2.17.1, which Apache has patched. Note: Unless you made it so on purpose, the HTTP Collector does not run as a service accessible […]

Norconex Web Crawler 3.0.0 Released!

Norconex is proud to announce the next major release of its popular open-source web crawler (also referred to as “Norconex HTTP Collector”).  After a couple of years of development, you will find this new version was well worth the wait. Not only does it introduce many new features, but it is also more flexible with […]


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