What a search summit!  Always interesting to meet people with whom you can exchange tips, tricks, and techniques.  A lot of familiar faces, a lot of familiar products, but also a few new comers trying to shake up the industry. (more…)

Once again the New York Enterprise Search Summit brought together a lot of interesting people from the industry. Several presentations were given in front of full rooms, which may suggest renewed interest in the search industry. This being said, that interest seems to be spread across the globe. At this search summit we seemed to meet significantly more people from other parts of the world than New York or anywhere else in the US. We had great conversations with people from Germany, Holland, Australia, France, South Africa, and the UK – always great to see new faces! Naturally, Norconex stepped in to represent Canada. Our VP of Services David Gaulin presented a successful talk on the importance of capturing and interpreting good search metrics to improve your search offering. (more…)