Norconex HTTP Collector 2.5.0 released

Posted on June 3, 2016 by in Latest Releases

HTTP Collector 2.5

Norconex has released Norconex HTTP Collector version 2.5.0! This new version of our open source web crawler was released to help minimize your re-crawling frequencies and download delays, and it allows you to specify a locale for date parsing/formatting. The following highlights these key changes and additions:

Minimum re-crawl frequency

Not all web pages and documents are updated as regularly. In addition, updates are not as important to capture right away for all types of content. Re-crawling every page every time to find out if they changed or not can be time consuming (and sometimes taxing) on larger sites. For instance, you may want to re-crawl news pages more regularly than other types of pages on a given site. Luckily, some websites provide sitemaps which give crawlers pointers to its document update frequencies.

This release introduces “recrawlable resolvers” to help control the frequency of document re-crawls. You can now specify a minimum re-crawl delay, based on a document matching content type or reference pattern. The default implementation is GenericRecrawlableResolver, which supports sitemap “lastmod” and “changefreq” in addition to custom re-crawl frequencies.

Download delays based on document URL

ReferenceDelayResolver is a new “delay resolver” that controls delays between each document download. It allows you to define different delays for different URL patterns. This can be useful for more fragile websites negatively impacted by the fast download of several big documents (e.g., PDFs). In such cases, introducing a delay between certain types of download can help keep the crawled website performance intact.

Specify a locale in date parsing/formatting

Thanks to the Norconex Importer 2.5.2 dependency update, it is now possible to specify a locale when parsing/formatting dates with CurrentDateTagger and DateFormatTagger.


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Pascal Essiembre has been a successful Enterprise Application Developer for several years before founding Norconex in 2007 and remaining its president to this day. Pascal has been responsible for several successful Norconex enterprise search projects across North America. Pascal is also heading the Product Division of Norconex and leading Norconex Open-Source initiatives.