Commercial Web Crawling

Open source crawlers allow you to scrape HTTP, filesystems, databases and more. Once crawled, the data can be committed to top search engines such as Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, and many more, depending on which open source crawler you are using and what committers are available.

However, the crawling process can be technically challenging. As enterprise search engine specialists, we understand that some corporate users require commercial-level crawling services.

In response to these regular requests for commercial web crawling assistance with our Norconex HTTP Collector, we’re excited to introduce the packages below. Please choose from the following options to get started!

Basic HTTP Crawler

Intermediate HTTP Crawler

Enterprise Crawler Custom

Basic HTTP Crawler Intermediate HTTP Crawler Enterprise Crawler Custom Packages
One-Time Fee $499 $799 Call Us
Package Details
Number of Websites 1 Up to 3 Unlimited
Pages per Website Up to 500 Up to 1,000 Unlimited
Web Crawling
Other Sources Crawling (Filesystem, database, REST API, etc) - -
Configuration i Basic Basic Advanced
Configuration of Standard Committer i
Installation and Testing on Client's Environment - Basic i
Inquire Inquire Inquire


  • Hosting
  • Web Content Analysis- ensure the quality of the content
  • Creation of Custom Committers
  • Additional Customizations

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