Norconex JEF Monitor

Open-Source Job Monitoring Application

Download 4.0.5

JEF Monitor is a standalone web-based application offering a glance view of all running jobs, with possibilities to perform actions on them. Other features include:

  • Monitor execution progress.
  • Get alerted when a job fails.
  • Access logs from the web interface.
  • Create and add your own actions.
  • Monitor all your servers using JEF from a single location.
  • Get an estimate of remaining time for each jobs.

Latest news

Norconex JEF API 4.1.0 released
Bug fixes and now ships with more utility scripts. More...

Norconex JEF Monitor 4.0.5 released
Maintenance release shipping with latest JEF API version (4.1.0) More...

Norconex JEF Monitor 4.0.4 released
Maintenance release. More...

Norconex JEF API 4.0.8 released
Bug fix release. More...

Norconex JEF API 4.0.7 released
Bug fix release. More...

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