Is search a critical component to your business’ operations – whether for your customers or your internal team? If it is, investing in the right solutions and technologies – and the right team to execute them, makes all the difference to a successful end result.

Browse our service offerings below for all your enterprise search-related needs. Our team is diversely experienced, highly skilled, and technologically-equipped (being a Google partner, among others) for all sorts of search implementations, from e-commerce product inventory search to internal e-discovery solutions for intellectual property or data archives, to everything in between.

From the back-end data analysis to the front-end user interface, we deliver the best results, so you can too.

Enterprise Search Consulting

Nowadays users expect a seamless search experience that delivers the results they’re looking for, simply and easily. Yet as effortless as our search solutions seem on the surface, there is a rigorous planning and implementation process that goes behind it – and it’s within this process that our expert consulting services make all the difference to a successful end result. Learn More

Enterprise Search Design

While our enterprise search consulting services set the course towards a successful end result, it’s our team of skilled technical specialists that walk the path. Whether your users range in the hundreds or the millions; whether the data being searched ranges in the megabytes or terabytes; whether the search technology is that of our Google or Autonomy partners, we have experience developing it all. Learn More

Web Crawling

Crawling websites, file systems and databases can be a technically challenging undertaking. Choose from our convenient packages and let us take the wheel; utilize our expertise to configure your crawling project and see it through. Learn More

Big Data

The biggest challenge of big data is making sense of it all, and this can be a daunting task without the proper tools and expertise. Whether your goal is to implement a full-blown e-discovery solution, or simply to find and discover your digital content, we – the experts in search, are more than equipped to help you through this process. Learn More

Taxonomy Editing

Two very important aspects to making your content searchable are metadata and taxonomies. They make it easier to find relevant information, and they allow the user to take advantage of more advanced search features in the process. Learn More

Data Analysis

From product inventories on ecommerce sites to intellectual property on your company intranet, our data analysis service is essentially the processing of all your content to create a common denominator that will allow it all to be equally and seamlessly accessed, filtered, and delivered in response to an end-user’s search. Learn More