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Our trusted, fully integrated site search will launch your website to a whole new level.

Out-of-This-World Results

Our search platform will instantly surface content in an intuitive manner, enabling your users to reap the benefits of a sophisticated user experience.

Targeted with Precision

Create the seamless opportunity for your consumers to navigate your site with precision, and swiftly locate targeted information.

Heightened User Experience

Unleash the full potential of your site by producing this exceptional customer experience.

Eliminate Lost Potential

Without site search, users must explore your site for information, clicking away from potentially profitable pages, and likely giving up before locating what they need. The average user will spend less than 15 seconds on your website before venturing to another source. Site search eliminates website scouring and will be the difference between loss of profits and accessibility.

Bridge the gap between where your sales are, and where they could be, with one simple tool.

Get Up and Running - Fast

Implementation of our innovative site search system is fast and effortless. It integrates with your site easily and intelligently crawls your existing content, making previously unstructured content quickly searchable. Set up and implementation do not require a designer. Sign up today and get your first month on us! Cancel anytime within the first 30 days.

Experience the ease of this transition first-hand, and be prepared to be amazed!

Infuse Your Website With Intelligence

Our powerfully intelligent Site Search will sort and filter all your content, bringing precise, targeted information to your user’s fingertips. It will sift content from various modes and sources, and produce a refined, intelligent search for the user.

Custom scoring and sorting options aid in streamlining the process to make all information immediately and effortlessly searchable.

Soar Into Sales and Profit

Cohesive, integrated searchable content leads to increased profitability. Your website already contains the content you want to convey, but without a refined search process, your target market may never stay on your site long enough to locate that information. Site search increases the competency of your website and introduces ease and efficiency. This translates directly to sales and profits.

Client engagement is heightened, as users benefit from effortless navigation to the precise information they are seeking.

Simple and Transparent Pricing

Our intelligent and fully integrated search is paired with the added benefit of affordability.

$69/ month
or $749 annually
  • 500 documents
  • Unlimited searches
  • One domain
  • One subdomain
  • Email support
  • Nightly recrawl
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$89/ month
or $999 annually
  • 2,000 documents
  • Unlimited searches
  • One domain
  • Up to 2 subdomains
  • Email support
  • Nightly recrawl
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$134/ month
or $1,499 annually
  • 5,000 documents
  • Unlimited searches
  • One domain
  • Up to 3 subdomains
  • Email support
  • Nightly recrawl
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  • Custom documents
  • Unlimited searches
  • Custom domains
  • Custom subdomains
  • Support tickets
  • Nightly recrawl
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Sign up today and get your first month on us! Cancel anytime within the first 30 days.