Norconex Collector Core

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Core Collector library

The Norconex Collector Core is a library containing features and reusable code shared between all collectors. It is not an executable application.

If you are looking for a web crawler, filesystem crawler or else, check out Norconex HTTP Collector or Norconex Filesystem Collector.

Use this library if you are interested to build a new collector, or if you want to replace the Collector Core version you have with your downloaded Collector zip file with a more recent.

Refer to the API documentation for many of the features that are shared features between all collectors.

Latest news

Norconex HTTP and FileSystem Collectors 2.9.0 released
New URL normalization rules, support for CMIS protocol, ACL extraction from more sources, etc. More...

Norconex Collector Core 1.10.0 released
Unmanaged logs, max parallel crawlers, etc. More...

Norconex Importer 2.10.0 released
New FieldReportTagger, Tika upgrade, fixes, etc. More...

Norconex Solr Committer 2.4.0 released
Support for BASIC auth, multiple Solr connection methods. More...

Norconex Elasticsearch Committer 4.1.1 released
Maintenance release. More...

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